General Information


Each rider agrees to raise a minimum of £150.
If a rider raises over £150, Evolve will cover the cost of the riders food cost Each rider will be provided with a cycling jersey, to wear on the ride.

Insurance and road safety

The route has been designed to use minor roads. However there will be instances where major roads are used.Cyclists must ensure they have their own insurance cover, whilst both cycling and whilst their bike remains overnight at the hotel. Cyclist must be obey the highway code at all times. They should respect other road users and not cycle more than two abreast at any time. Cycling helmets are compulsory for this ride. Riders without a helmet will be refused permission to join the ride.

Ride details

There are 3 routes. All distances are approximate. Routes may be subject to change. Each rider will be provided with a route map on the day of the ride. Each group will be allocated a leader. The leader will ensure the group travels at the designated speed. If you cannot keep up with the speed, the group will not wait for you, and you will need to ensure you have adequate mapping to get you to the next stopping point. Emergency contact numbers will be provided on the day


Registered riders will be sent a fundraising pack. This will include details how to set up an online fundraising page